No Hoof No Horse

A horses hooves are the base on which he walks, therefore healthy hooves are important in keeping a healthy horse. Part of good horse husbandry is to clean out your horses hooves every day. This eliminates feces and other debris such as rocks that can get embedded in the horse’s hoof and cause an abscess or thrush, both of which can cause the temporary, or if severe, permanent loss of use of the horse if not treated. Also just as important as keeping hooves clean is to keep the hooves regularly trimmed or shod. Horses should be shod or trimmed every 6-8 weeks and some times more often if they are heavily exercised causing rapid hoof growth. Pictured is a horse that suffered an abscess that came out the coronary band and caused a weakening of the wall of the hoof to the point that the wall broke off. The dead hoof wall was removed further to allow for new growth to occur and prevent further

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