Reining Revealed

Sliding stops, spins, circles, roll backs, and lead changes. A reining pattern is three whole minutes of thrill. To the novice viewer it may look simple however the hours of training that it takes to get horses ready to compete in the reining class, and especially if they are going to succeed, takes months and maybe even years of initial training then followed by hours of schooling to keep horses at their peak of performance. Now you may ask why would you even be interested in showing in reining? For one there is a bunch of money up for grabs. To date there are over 20, million dollar sires, 12 two million dollar sires, and it doesn’t stop there, Topsail Whiz is a nine million dollar sire! Now these sires didn’t win all of the money, their offspring has shown and won hundreds of thousands and even a million dollars to help get these sires to the stature that they are at.

So what is reining even about? There are a total of twelve patterns all with the same maneuvers just asked for at different times. To score well the horse must stop well, spin and stop on a mark with one foot planted, circle correctly, roll back sharply and with finesse, and perform a minimum of two flying lead changes in the center of the pen. All while the horse responds to the rider at the exact moment the rider asks without fuss or hesitation and most certainly without anticipation. Pictured is Custom Satisfaction a 2005 sorrel mare whose sire Custom Crome is a three million dollar sire.  photo (1)

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