Young Horses and Young Riders

Young horses and young riders just don’t go together. However if I had a penny for every time I heard “they can grow up together” I could have a decent income on that alone. Think of it this way. Would you want two sixteen year old kids that have never driven to teach each other to drive? I’m sure that eventually they both will learn to drive, but how well and after how many wrecks? Now what if an older experienced driver helped each person learn to drive? Would it not go smoother and hopefully with less incident? The same goes for horses. A young or inexperienced rider would be better off on a horse that knows its job and can help the rider learn in a safer environment rather than a young horse that doesn’t know what its job is and still likes to play around. Horses aren’t like cars, their buttons don’t work perfectly all the time and they have minds of their own. When someone is learning to ride you want them to be able to learn on a horse that is patient, dependable, and laid back and not many young horses are described that way. Think of how many teenagers that could be described that way, case and point. photo (6)

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