More Tying Tips

Last week I talked briefly about tying a horse and how to keep those silly rascals from escaping. I tried to stress to always tie a horse like that if you feel confident that it won’t pull back. Now what are you supposed to do with those horses that do try and pull back and rip the trailer apart? First off it is always important to try and fix what the problem but until the problem is fixed or if the horse is unpredictable a tie blocker is the next best choice. A tie blocker is just a metal ring that when the horse pulls back the rope can easily slip through the ring while not providing an instant release to the horse. By keeping pressure on the horse’s poll he is more likely to figure out sooner that pulling back doesn’t give him the release that he expected. I personally love the tie blocker for horses that I don’t trust and young horses to hopefully keep a problem from developing. The tie blocker is safe and keeps the horse from getting hurt, my lead ropes from breaking, and my horse from running around like a wild thing after breaking a lead rope. photo (12)

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