Horse Bathing

With summer coming to a close and horseshow season all but wrapped up this post comes somewhat late, but I would consider an important topic for the modern show horse. How much to bathe a horse has been the subject of many a forum. After some research I have found that the general consensus is to bathe only when necessary or about once a month. Horses can suffer from dry skin if bathed too much. Also keep in mind the type of shampoo used. Bluing shampoos can be harder on coats even though it is great for white. Also extremely important in during the bath is to make sure all soap residue is removed. I also found that manes and tails can be washed without having to bathe the whole horse. This is a good option in winter months as well as if you show a lot and need clean haired horses. Also people tend to agree that a coat conditioner will help relieve dry skin if you do find your horse peeling. photo (14)

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