Importance of Fresh Water

Horses like humans need water to survive. Dehydration in horses can cause major problems in the long and short term for horses. Making sure horses have a constant supply of fresh, clean water is a must. During the summer time this is most obviously imperative but also in the winter as well. Horses like cool water in the summer and warmer water in the winter. To boost water intake here are a few tips. Summer: Make sure water is frequently changed, algae grows quickly and isn’t real appealing to drink, clean the trough or water bucket every time you fill it up. Lack of water in the summer is dangerous and can lead to overheating that can severely effect a horse. Winter water drinking comes with its own set of challenges. Keep ice off troughs, a water heater can be placed in the troughs to keep them from icing over and to keep water at a warmer temperature that is more inviting to drink. However watch these heaters closely as they can be pulled out and tphoto 3he cords can be chewed on and cause yet more problems. Colic from lack of water in the winter is a real risk that can be easily avoided by simply making sure your horse has plenty of clean water.

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