The Importance of Fly Spray

Flies, mosquitoes, and ticks aren’t just pesky creatures biting and flying around interrupting an evening ride, they also can carry many diseases. Because of this I make sure I always spray my horses with fly spray anytime I go out to see them. There are many different ways you can control the pesky insect population. For one, fly spray, but also spreading Fly Predators help reduce the fly population. Removing feces from stalls also aids in reducing the fly population. Feed through fly control is another option too that some people turn to to keep the fly population at bay.  Ticks can carry an overwhelming number of diseases and by removing ticks whenever you see one on your horse as well as using a fly spray that helps kill and repel photo 1 ticks works as well. These are just a few ideas of how to keep flies and ticks off your horse and reduce the risk of spreading or contracting diseases that they can carry.

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