Calming Show Nerves

photo (16)

Nerves can sometimes get the best of us and nothing is worse that training hard and not being able to perform on show day due to nerves. With horses getting nervous is a double edged sword because not only do you have to battle with your nerves but your horse can tell if you get nervous and in turn make them nervous too. So how do you deal with pre-performance nerves? For a class that you are riding in I like to keep my horse moving, this helps him and me also. The moving makes me feel ready and it is easier than trying to keep a prancing horse still. Also I breathe deeply and count to ten. I tell myself what we need to do to perform well and how we can do it. I think about where my hands or feet need to be to help my horse. This isn’t the time for training a horse to do a maneuver that is what training during the week is for on show day just go show. I find that wiggling my toes to keep me busy also helps my nerves, if I can find something else to think about other than picking at my horse on how to do things he goes in more confident and I am more confident also. Making one mad before going in the show pen helps no one. Most importantly I like to visualize my perfect ride and then go make it happen!

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