Why is he rolling?

photo (20)



It never fails it seems, as soon as you get your horse nice and clean there he goes to roll in the dirt. But what is making him roll today? Is he just itchy or tired of being clean, or is there something more sinister in his rolling antics? Horses tend to roll to help repel bugs or to scratch that itch he just can’t seem to get to, but we also have to look for signs of distress to ensure that a medical issues is not unfolding before our eyes. If a horse looks distressed or in pain, if he is kicking at his sides, or rolling violently he may be suffering from a bout of colic which can turn serious if he continues to roll. However not every roll is an indication of colic. I find that my horses like to roll in fresh dirt, especially after a bath. The dirt can act as sunscreen and provide some protection from biting insects. Sometimes horses just need to stretch their muscles and maybe do a little chiropractic work on their own. So rolling can help adjust his spine, help repel flies, act as sunscreen, and also signal signs of distress. The best way to know the difference is just watch him out in the pasture. Nothing can replace to quality time spent with your horse to know how he acts so you can pick out when something is wrong.

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