The Importance of Hoof Health

With winter coming on getting your horses feet in shape to handle the winter weather is a good fall project. Getting rid of thrush before the possibly wet winter months take over will only benefit your horse in the long run. Typically in our area during winter it can get muddy and that is a perfect environment for thrush to thrive. Thrush can be a serious problem that does not need to be taken lightly. Thrush can cause problems in the long run when left untreated. The good news with the moisture content being higher in the winter is that hooves normally dry out during the dry summer so the moisture is welcome for dry cracked hooves. Make sure if you aren’tphoto (21) going to use your horse this winter and his feet can handle it, go ahead and take off his shoes to prevent snowballing if it snows. If your horse needs his shoes you can always put petroleum jelly in his hooves to keep snow from packing in his feet. Remember to have a farrier visit every 6-8 weeks to keep hooves in good condition.

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