Avoid the Catching Blues

Have you ever gone out to catch your horse for a ride and it

photo (23)

ends up being an hour of chase? That isn’t enjoyable for anyone and it seems to never fail that they run off when you are getting ready to go somewhere on a time line. So how do you go about not having to chase your horse all over the place to get him caught? I have found that if I carry treats with me my horse looks forward to me coming to see him. Also if you periodically just go spend time in the pasture with your horse or catch him to feed or brush him they tend to look forward to seeing you more than if the only time they see you is when you are coming to ride. I also think that riding with good horsemanship keeps your horse from dreading being ridden and in turn your presence to come and catch them. If you horse thinks that every time you ride you are going to knock a few teeth loose from jerking on him then he isn’t going to look forward to you coming to ride him. However if you take the time to learn how to communicate with your horse in a way he understands the whole riding experience is less likely to be an unpleasant one for him. Making more pleasant experiences for your horse makes him enjoy being around you more and in turn easier to catch.


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