The Dangers of Sand Colic

When keeping your horse in an environment where sand can be picked up off the ground while your horse is grazing, one thing you may need to look for symptoms of is sand colic. Like any other types of colic sand colic can be life threatening. Even if your pasture isn’t incredibly sandy if where you feed hay or feed, even from a bucket, is sandy then the horse could pick up sand while munching on left over pieces of hay and grain. Normally sand can be passed through the digestive system, however when too much sand is collected it can cause irritation of the digestive tract and may even settle into the digestive tract. The settled sand can over time build up and cause impaction colic. There are a few supplements on the market to help prevent sand colic. Signs of sand colic are similar to that of regular colic, distress, laying down, and rolling. Make sure you know how your horse normally acts to know when something is not right and he may be feeling ill. photo (24)

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