Get a Leg Up on Arena Footing

When thinking about putting in an arena one of the biggest parts of the consideration should be what kind of footing to put in the pen. Depending on if it is an inside or outside pen and what the drainage conditions are like can help you pick the right footing. Also the discipline you participate in as well as the budge can help you make your arena footing choice. There are many different types photo (28)of footing available to purchase. Sand, dirt, crumb rubber, and even wood products are available for your consideration. Also how much footing you need can also be determined by your sport, for example a reining horse isn’t going to be able to slide in ground fixed for a barrel horse, there is too much top layer for the horse to be able to slide. Also how much you want to water the pen is also to be taken into consideration. Rubber for example isn’t going to take much if any water, however sand and dirt do need more water. Searching the internet for information as well as asking people who would know what kind of footing is best for your sport would be most recommended before making any permanent footing choices.

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