Snake Bites in Horses

Horse’s encountering snake bites is a very real threat. In the summer months with horses out to graze and snakes slithering along, there is a chance that both horse and snake might cross paths. Snake bites of course vary in severity depending on the snake. Snakes that are less poisonous or do not inject much venom are less likely to do damage compared to snakes that are highly venomous and inject a lot of venom. Snake bitesphoto (29) can be recognized most typically by two puncture wounds along with swelling of the area and heat around the site. Calling your veterinarian or taking your horse to see the vet would be highly recommended after the horse experiences a snake bite. If the snake is still around maybe even take a picture, from a safe distance, so you can show the vet and they know what kind of snake bite they are dealing with.

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