Stalling Away from Home

Chances are if you are wanting or do show competitively with your horse at some point you will have to haul away from home and possibly stay overnight. Stalling your horse on the show grounds is the easiest way to have an event with multiple horses stay for some period of time in the least amount of space. However what all do you need to stay away from home for those days? The necessities that are best to bring with you are hay that the horse is used to eating,photo (31) grain if the horse receives any, buckets, and some kind of pitch fork and bucket to clean out your stall. Granted if you forget a bucket you can always go buy one but that could get rather expensive after a while, especially if you have buckets at home. I always like to put up two water buckets for my horse so he can have his choice of which he wants to drink out of, also in the summer months I want to make sure he has plenty of water 24/7. It is important to keep the horse’s diet as close to normal as possible. Since my horse is turned out in the pasture all the time there are only a few things I can do to simulate turn out. For one I like to keep hay in front of my horse at all times, just like him grazing in the pasture. I find that frequent trips to the stall to give him a flake or two of hay is much less wasteful than putting half a bale in there for him to wallow around in. Also I try and feed grain at the same time as I do at home. I might add some oil to his grain to keep his gut moving since he isn’t getting as much exercise being stalled. Also I clean out my horse’s stall every time I go to feed him hay to keep him from spreading out his manure any more than he already does, plus this keeps him cleaner and there is less to clean up at one time if you do it more frequently. Stalling away from home comes with a few more requirements than being in the pasture but being able to compete is always worth it.

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