Competitive Trail Competitions

photo (35)

Over the past weekend I was able to participate in a competitive trail ride and a field challenge. It was a really nice break from the arena for me and my horse. On the competitive trail ride we took a trail ride that was about four miles long and had six stations along the way that you and your horse was judged on. For example one station was dragging a stick, another was riding around a tent and campsite and then someone walking out of the tent. This isn’t my horse and I do every day and it was a nice change of pace for both of us. In the field challenge there were thirteen different obstacles that you had to complete. There were some very challenging obstacles, just a few were going over the rocking bridge while walking through pool noodles, most definitely not something you do every day, and dragging and walking through some plastic bottles. I was really proud of my horse for how well he did with this new challenge. I most definitely would like to compete in something like this again and I think Joker would too.

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