Things to Keep in Mind While Stalled

Horses that are stalledphoto (36) for long periods of time can develop less than desirable habits. Some horses may start to crib, others may weave, either way these habits can be difficult and maybe even impossible to break. The best way to prevent this from happening is to turn out horses for some amount of time each day for them to work off all this energy. Now if a horse is stalled for an injury this may not be possible in which case stall toys may help the horse heal while allowing him to be able to play and work off some of his energy. Horses are not designed to stay in a 12 X 12 area for extended periods of time without some time of exercise. Keep this in mind when horses are stalled especially if not stalled a lot don’t be afraid to turn them out or hand walk the horse to keep him boredom to a minimum.


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