Types of Horse Fencing

There are many different types of horse fencing, with all of the choices have you ever wondered what would be best for your horse? Just a few of the different types of fencing are barbed wire, hot wire, livestock fencing, wooden fence, and vinyl fencing. Barbed wire has been around for quite a while, while it is effective at keeping livestock in, when livestock especially horses come into contact with barbed wire it can get serious quickly. A foot placed in between the wires can severely damage a horse. Hot wire needs to be checked quite regularly to make sure it is still working. Livestock fencing that I am referring to is the square wire. Some is made with smaller squares at the bottom to keep a foot from getting hung in the fence but shoes can still get caught on the fence and be torn off and take off shoes as well. Wooden fence should last a while but watch for nails sticking out and sometimes horses can get in the habit of wood chewing or cribbing on the fence. Vinyl in my opinion while it does look good is not really designed to keep an animal as big as a horse in. It breaks somewhat easy while it is easy to pop back into place it does break and have to be replaced. The best way to find out what type of fencing is best for your situation is to do some research as well as talk to people and see what kind of fencing tends to be in most peoples opinion the best. photo (12)


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