24 Hour Technology Detox

This past Saturday I participated in a 24 hour detox from technology. I was in Searcy for a barrel race so not having to deal with TV or radio wasn’t as big of a deal but I had to stay away from the arena because they played music while people were running. During the day going without technology wasn’t too bad because I could stay busy taking care of the horses, walking them, feeding, watering, and cleaning stalls. However it was harder to find people since I couldn’t call and ask where they were. I walked around looking for them quite a bit. I found my face to face communication improved greatly as there was not much else to do. Sitting and talking to people was sometimes hard because they were all on their phones. It helped me realize how much we do use them, seeing that every time I sat down I wanted to grab my phone to keep me entertained. Although at times it was inconvenient it was almost like I had less responsibility because I didn’t have to constantly keep my family informed about how the race was going. That was nice.

At night it was somewhat harder to go without my phone and because it gets dark earlier it was harder to find something to do that wasn’t watching people run or play on your phone. I did find more time to read and study as much as I hate to admit it, my grades could be better if I detoxed more I have a feeling. I did find it difficult to not have a camera at this event though, because my blog is about horses it was the perfect opportunity to snap enough pictures for hopefully the rest of my blog, Sunday I had to some catching up to do.

Although I finished my detox Sunday morning about 10 a.m. as I drove home, if I couldn’t find anything good to listen to on the radio I would turn it off. I drove from about Morrilton back to Russellville without music, which is kind of a big deal since I really do enjoy listening to music. Being in a kind of technology silence for 24 hours though, helped me appreciate the quietness.

I would really like to implement some of this technology detox more often. It really was less stress than having to constantly keep up with my phone. It helped me appreciate good conversation as well as engage in conversation better. I feel like I listened to people when they were talking to me better because I wasn’t worried about my phone going off and responding to it. I see this a lot with my mother in particular, if she’s on her phone, playing candy crush, there really is no point in trying to talk to her because she’s not listening. I see how I probably started this and how frustrating it really is, disrespectful too. Also because I have learned to tolerate silence again I will probably quit listening to music while I ride, which will probably result in better riding on my part and getting more done with my young horses.