The Journey to Seasoning Horses

photo (16)In the horse competition world there is a big difference between young horses and seasoned competitors. Young horses that have not been hauled much are sometimes referred to as green horses. While seasoned competitors can offer great consistency there can be great satisfaction from getting the green horses to seasoned competitors. To make a horse a seasoned competitor than can handle most every situation takes much time and experience. Experience really is the best teacher. From standing at the trailer to many competition runs in one day, a horse isn’t going to become seasoned without experiencing it. Sure, at first they might act antsy at the trailer but normally in due time they will figure out that throwing a fit does nothing but waste their energy. Horses learn from repetition so if you can do the same type of exercises at the show as you do at home it can provide some comfort for the horse. The most important thing to remember is that every horse is an individual and will learn how to handle different situations at their own pace. 


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